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SuperProblem - шахматная композиция онлайн
Julia's Fairies - Сайт Юлии Высоцкой (Julia Vysotska), посвященный сказочной композиции
Hilmar Ebert - Schach, Echecs, Hilmar Ebert, he's homepage, Wenigsteiner-Jahrespreis, he-chess, four men only, chessword, chessworld, tao, dao, Top Helpmates, ... - A forum devoted to chess problems
ChessProblem - Site of a chess composition of Alexander George
Chess-Problems-GR - A blog from Greece (in English) about chess composition.
Chess problem links - Some further links to chess problem sites
Chess Problem Discussion Board - Debatable club of chess composers
Chess Online Problems - Problems galore. More added frequently
Chess dBase - Jaroslav Štún, a Slovak chess author and composer, has created this database...
Chess Composition Microweb - Featuring various sections on composed chess problems & problem-solving
Chess Composition in TORUN - FANCY program (works with POPEYE) and articles
Chess Composition Books - electronic editions, either zipped or in PDF-format... - is devoted to chess problems and studies. 145 different compositions have been put together
BYCA Chess Puzzles - In addition to the collection of puzzles - is devoted to chess problems and studies. 145 different compositions have been put together
Bulletin of Serbia and Montenegro Chess Problem Society - in Serbian language, however problems are understandable  and not bad at all.
Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day - Just like it sounds
British Chess Problem Society - Excerpts from The Problemist magazine, articles, favorite problems, links and more
Brian Stephenson - Unusual homepage of known English composer, it focuses e.g. on solving, reconstructing, precise  introduction for  newcomers...
Best Problems - A bilingual (English and Italian) journal on chess problems
Bengt Ingre – Schackproblem - Bengt Ingre (1934-2000) played chess during his whole life...
Beautiful Chess Problems - Only a few at the moment, but more promised
BCPS - Oldest chess problem society in the world, contains articles about chess problem solving, composition
ARVES - Alexander Rueb Vereniging voor SchaakEindspelStudie - a Dutch association for endgame study enthusiasts.
Archives des problémistes - In French. Problem site from Quebec
Antonio Garofalo - Personal page of the Italian composer
Andrew Buchanan - deals with retrograd analys...
Alexander Zideks Schachprobleme - The quality of Alexander's problems is very good
Alexander Herbstmann - a number of positional studies by Herbstmann, which all end in draw - contains chess problems, studies and tactical exercises...
Abdelaziz Onkoud - Site of the Moroccan chess composer
132 Studies And Problems - A whole career of composed problems from J.T. Sanderse
115000 problems - Peter Vogel`s archive