Registration types:

To publish your works, edit them, correct them, as well as to access all sections and materials of the site, you need the registration type Standard .
This type of registration allows the use of a creative pseudonym (you can enter any name, surname and country), however, valid data (name, surname, country of residence and email address) must be provided to the administrator of this resource without fail.

The second type of registration is Anonymous .
In this case, the login will be issued to the anonymous user automatically.
This type of registration allows users to take part only in anonymous contests, with limited access to some sections of the site. The personal data of the authors are unknown to the organizers of the anonymous competition.
After the final results of the anonymous contests, these users have the opportunity to enter their valid data (name, surname, country of residence and email address).
Personal data (name, surname and country of residence) are automatically transferred to their works, a report is drawn up within the time specified in the conditions of the competition and published on the website, in the news (section Results of competitions).
Anonymous users are automatically deactivated after they save the entered data in the Personal Account, due to their irrelevance.
The registration button Anonymous is active if the anonymous competition is up-to-date.
Any number of registrations are possible on the ChessStar site for anonymous users.