Other chess sites:
Other chess sites:
A Chess World - Australian Chess Link
AjedreChess MultiWeb - by FM Ruben Casafus, in Spanish
Ajedrez de Estilo - news, special coverage on supertournaments, free software and games,
links to national databases and correspondence chess, in Spanish
Ajedrez Actual - chess news, in Spanish
Ajedrez en madrid - chess news, theory, calendar, play online. In Spanish
AJEDREZ SIGLO XXI de Adrian Roldan - information about America and especially Argentina,
laws of chess etc., in Spanish
Alex's Web Site - GM Alexander Baburin's Web Site
Arena - is a freeware computer chess GUI (grafical user interface) and supported
WinBoard protocol and UCI protocol
Arman Sabciyan's Web Site
Associacio Cultural Luis de Camxes - chess in Portugal and most important chess events in the world.
BattleBoard - unusual chessboards
Nick Beqo's website
BEEKAY EXPORTS - collection of chess sets
Bobby Fischer - unofficial homepage.
Bruno's Chess Problem Of The Day - Like chess? Well, everyday you will find here new free
chess problems. Looking for logic puzzles, free chess strategies or tactics? Come on!
Lanfranco Bombelli - News webpage. In Italian and English.
ChessAnyTime - website to play online chess game.
ChessAssistance - site contains articles, tutorials, and downloads for chess assistant and convekta product.
CHESMAYNE - a huge chess dictionary
Chess Circuit - by Adam Raoof
Chesschamps - Garry Kasparov's official website supporting 'My Great Predecessors' - his series
of books about the great chess players of past and present.
Chess Doctor - a free newsletter geared to inexperienced chessplayers
http://www.chess.hut.ru/ - Kurgansk region chess site
Chess For Success - chess lessons
Chess Geek - are you a chess geek? Puzzles, reviews, screensaver, and more
Chess in Bashkortostan and Ural - in Russian
Chess in Singapore
Chess Informant
Chess Journalists of America
Chess Lab - 2 million online interactive chess games database
Chess land - chess games from the latest tournaments,openings by ECO codes,endgame strategy,
links, online chess
Chessmaze International - Premier UK Chess shop and knowledge resource centre, retailer of chess sets,
chessboards, chess computers and much more chess and associated products.
Chess Sets Gallery
Chess-source.com - chess screensaver
ChessCentral - Australian site, World wide chess tournaments, chess coaching and chess news
ChessManiac.com - This is a free email chess site with no subscription fees. Come join chess players
from California and the rest of the world.
Chessopolis - with a Coffee Break Chess by GM Alex Baburin
ChessPraxis - new and used chess books for sale
Chess: The Checkmate of the Postman, interesting chess problems, including the
"The Checkmate of the Day", in italian
ChessTutor Home Page - free ChessTutor applet providing a graphical method to displaying
games over Internet
Chess Visualisation Training - Online step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess
visualisation. It's FREE!
The Chess Eye - Offline step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess visualisation.
Shareware version of "Chess Visualisation Training"
ChessWorld.net - this is a friendly online chess club where you can play chess with players f
rom all over the World!
chess.vrsac.com - unique FIDE rating search, tournament tables, games and photos, computer
chess articles etc. English and Serbian versions.
ClubMate - chess database
Encyclopedia of Chess Openings - the ECO game database has over 2 million games, zip-archives.
Escuela de Ajedrez UNED, in Spanish
ESP-Base - the collection of games, played in Spain, in Spanish
Euwe Chess Academy - India's first website for chess training
Evgeniy Fedorov's page - in Russian
Frank's Chess Page - devoted to computer chess and Winboard
GameColony.com - chess online free
Grob's Attack - the world of Grob's Attack (A00) 1.g4!
http://www.jovanpetronic.com/ - FIDE Senior Trainer & IM Jovan Petronic
InterChess - GM Yuri Averbakh's chess club, online games server, works through proxy and firewall
Internet Chess Tournaments - blitz online
Internetowe Centrum Szachowe - Polish Internet Chess Center, in Polish
GM Ivan Morovic's chess site
Jagarns chessite - Kent Jagerflod's Web site, Sweden
John Elburg's Chessbookreviews Homepage
Kamchatsk Chess - the site about the chess life on the peninsula: news, announcements,
competitions, ratings, in Russian.
Kemerovo Virtual Chess Club - headed by GM Evgeny Pigusov, in Russian
Kevin Corren's Web site - a modern multi-media music/art cd designed for Chess Fans
http://www.kosteniuk.com/ - web site of the young grand master from Russia - Alexandra Kosteniuk.
La Tour Infernale - French chess news daily, in French
Learn To Play Chess Online - Learn To Play Chess Online.com - Free how-to advice and strategies
on learning the game of Chess.
Le Due Torri - Chess Department Store
Legend Products - Staunton and Non-Staunton chess sets and boards
http://www.lekochess.com/ - Official website of International Grandmaster Peter Leko
Lovac Na Damu - a gate to the Internet Chess World, in Croatian
Marco Saba's page - all gambit variations that arises from 1. e4
Milan Zivkovic's page
Morozevich Digest - devoted to Alexander Morozevich, in Russian
myChess.de - a correspondence chess server with many interesting and innovatively features.
New Chess Horizons
Online/Email chess
Pakistan Chess Player - a brief news website
Rafal Furdzik's Chess Page - chess games, books, software, videos
RealChess.com - Play online chess, E-mail Chess, beholderboard chess and Webchess.
All free with no software to download.
Roman Jiganchine's Home Page - annotated games, pictures from events, database for download , etc.
http://www.ruddylantangchess.com/ - website featuring chess activity in Indonesia.
Scalise Chess Page - chess information about Argentina, in Spanish
Schachtraining Online - FM Bernd Rosen's page, in German
Something about Chess - chess history, statistics and literature, in Russian
Stefan Roenrich's Homepage - in German
Stone Cold's Chess Site
Superior Chessboards and Equipment
Sydney Academy of Chess - is one of the biggest chess coaching firm in NSW, coaching over one
Thousand school children around Sydney every week.
Test Your Chess - this site is for chess players, especially children, who would like to learn how to play better chess.
The Lion
Tursev Tursev is a chess foundation established in Turkiye.
Village Italy Village Italy - On-line shopping for Italian artistic chess-boards
World Blitz Chess Association
World Chess Network - is designed for players from novice to Grandmaster. You can play chess, earn
a rating, access your personal game history, view games from around the world and more.
XADREZcopPIMENTA - Brasilian site, in Portuguese