Chess softwares: Chess software
Chess software:
Alybadix - chess solving programs
CHEST - Source code (in ANSI C) for a problem solving program
MateMaster - Shareware software for solving chess problems
Mater - Will find any mate that's there, eventually
Problemist - is a shareware program entirely dedicated to the chess problem
Mat Plus - The best chess problems from magazine Mat Plus
  Practical Chess Endgame - Solve the endgame of the week
  Problemiste - Chess Problem software.
  Retractor - Software for creating Retrograde Analysis chess problems.
  The Retrograde Analysis Corner - Retro problems and resources for retro enthusiasts.
  Sack The King! - A chess problem a day, with special animated interface to display the solution.
  Solving Chess - Tracking the world of competitive chess problem solving.
  Crafty - Robert Hyatt's amazing freeware chess engine, the strongest non-commercial product.