Chess sites on a composition Chess sites on a composition
Chess sites on a composition:
115000 problems - Peter Vogel`s archive
132 Studies And Problems - A whole career of composed problems from J.T. Sanderse
Abdelaziz Onkoud - Site of the Moroccan chess composer - contains chess problems, studies and tactical exercises...
Alexander Zideks Schachprobleme - The quality of Alexander's problems is very good
Alexander Herbstmann - a number of positional studies by Herbstmann, which all end in draw
Andrew Buchanan - deals with retrograd analys...
Antonio Garofalo - Personal page of the Italian composer
Archives des problémistes - In French. Problem site from Quebec
  ARVES - Alexander Rueb Vereniging voor SchaakEindspelStudie - a Dutch association
    for endgame study enthusiasts.
BCPS - Oldest chess problem society in the world, contains articles about chess problem
    solving, composition
Beautiful Chess Problems - Only a few at the moment, but more promised
Bengt Ingre – Schackproblem - Bengt Ingre (1934-2000) played chess during his whole life...
Best Problems - A bilingual (English and Italian) journal on chess problems
  Brian Stephenson - Unusual homepage of known English composer, it focuses e.g. on solving,
    reconstructing, precise  introduction for  newcomers...
British Chess Problem Society - Excerpts from The Problemist magazine, articles, favorite
    problems, links and more
Bruno's Chess Problem of the Day - Just like it sounds
  Bulletin of Serbia and Montenegro Chess Problem Society - in Serbian language, however
    problems are understandable  and not bad at all.
BYCA Chess Puzzles - In addition to the collection of puzzles - is devoted to chess problems and studies. 145 different compositions have been put together - A discussion forum for problemists.
Chess Composition Books - electronic editions, either zipped or in PDF-format...
Chess Composition in TORUN - FANCY program (works with POPEYE) and articles
Chess Composition Microweb - Featuring various sections on composed chess problems
    & problem-solving
Chess dBase - Jaroslav Štún, a Slovak chess author and composer, has created this database...
Chess Online Problems - Problems galore. More added frequently
ChessProblem - Site of a chess composition of Alexander George
Chess Problem Discussion Board - By Reb & Nora Orrell. Forum, tourneys and more
  Chess-Problems-GRA blog from Greece (in English) about chess composition.
Chess problem links - Some further links to chess problem sites - A forum devoted to chess problems
Chess Problem Discussion Board - Debatable club of chess composers
Chess Problems Online - A decent collection, intelligently displayed, from "Mate in One" to "Mate in Six"
Chess Problems From Around The World - Problems from everywhere
Chess Problems Of 1001 Years Ago - Really old problems mainly of historical interest
Chess Problems Unlimited - Not quite unlimited, there are but several
Chess problem terminology - explains a number of sophisticated conceptions within this area of chess
  Chesspro's Chess World - Problems and instructive games
Chess Puzzles by GMs - Taken from the games of the greats
Chess Puzzles Collection - A nice collection taken from real games.
Chess variants - a huge site devoted to all kinds of chess variants including a bit of fairy chess problems.
  Classic Chess Problems - 2 and 3 movers from renowed composers
Codex for Chess Composition - developed by the Permanent Commission,of the FIDE for Chess Compositions...
Commission for Chess Composition - Official site of the permanent commission
    for chess composition of the FIDE
Composers of chess - a short introduction by Bill Wall to chess compositions...
Compositions tourneys - A comprehensive list of active composition tourneys
Dansk Skakproblem Klub  -  Danish chess problem society and Thema Danicum,
    portraits of Danish chess composers.
Die Schwalbe - Famous German magazine
Don French´s Chess Problem Page - has many links to other problem-orientated pages
Endgame Of The Day - An endgame study a day. Also available as a mailing list
El arte del mate en dos - Eduardo Sadier manages this site, which on the 18th of
    July contained 22500 problems
Etero Scacco Problemi - Marko Bonavoglia`s italian site
Etienne Dupuis - presents a number of various chess problems on his site, from orthodox
    problems to proof games...
Exeter Chess Club: Studies and Problems - Intro to the world of problems
Finnish Chess Problem Society - Site of the Finnish union of composers
Genios64 - Emmanuel Ranalli has created this blog about chess problems ...
  Göran Förslund's Chess Problem Pages - the late 'Chess problem of the month'
    has grown into interesting site.
Gorfo Problem Chess Pages - Has a problem of the month composed by the author,
    plus an archive of past problems
Glanz auf 64 Feldern - Problemkunst in Oberösterreich - Selected problems by the Austrians composers
Harmonie - German chess magazine
Hilmar Ebert - devotes himself above all to probem chess...
Initiation au problème d´échecs - that is an introduction to problem chess
il matto del postino - Italian website with chess problems
Jan Golha - Often updated site on a chess composition Jan Golhs
Internet Chess Club - Serious chess. Serious fun!
Juraj Lorinc - Slovak site of a chess composition
Key Moves - A new chess combination (from recent games) every week for your
    instruction and amusement
Les Archives des Problémistes - a large archive sorted by theme, author, source and so on
Les Échecs Artistique - Gilles G. Jobin has put together a collection with
    353 chess studies by 153 composers
Lexikon des Problemschachs - a chess problem dictionary, that contains many interesting terms
L'Italia Scacchistica - The main Italian chess magazine with a good problem page
Loiodice's Chess Problems - Lots of training positions to download
Ludo Lehen - Site of the veteran of Slovak composition Ludo Lehen
Manolis Stratakis' Chess Problems Page - Pretty good page with plenty of problems and puzzles
Marcos Homepage Schachprobleme - with more than 80 chess problems
Mat Plus - The best chess problems from magazine Mat Plus
Michael Barth - Homepage of the chess composer
Milan Velimirovic's Chess Problems - Chess problems by one of the top composers
Mirko Degenkolbe - Personal site of the chess composer
Narayanan's Problem Corner - Many basic articles by the leading Indian composer
Noam D. Elkies Web pages - Mathematician, musician and chess problem composer & solver
  Oleg Efrosinin - Page of a chess composition of Volgograd which is conducted by Oleg Efrosinin
PCCC - official page of Permanent Comission of the F.I.D.E. for Chess Composition.
PDB database  -  is very wide source of retro problems and helpmates. And more...
Peter Güssow - has been involved in problem chess since childhood
Phenix - The French site of a chess composition
Portal dos problemistas - The Spanish site of a chess composition
Practical Chess Endgame - Solve the endgame of the week
  Probechecs - this site is devoted to chess problems, starting with simple mate solutions ...
  Glanz auf 64 Feldern - Problemkunst in Oberösterreich - Jose Luis Perez will publish
    a chess problem every day...
Homepage of Paz Einat - Israeli chess composer
Photo Album of Chess Composers - prepared by Ivan Jarolin. He wants to make it  a big site with
     as many photographs as  possible, so please, send him your photos (as file or in paper form).
Problemas de Xadrez - The Spanish site of a chess composition
Probleemblad Online - Dutch magazine & Dutch Chess Problem Society (NBvS)
Problem-Echo - German magazine
Problem Online 2004 - Croatian net magazine for chess problems
Problemschach in Österreich - Problem pages run by four computer science students
    of the University of Graz ...
Problemesis - On-line French - English magazine. Original problems, awards, definitions and more
Problemista - The Polish site of a chess composition
Problemiste - There are a great number of chess problems to download.Chess problem software...
Problemistica - Department of a composition of Italian magazine Italia Scacchistica
Problem online - The Croatian site of a chess composition
Problemskak - The Danish Chess Problem Society. Problems, tourneys, photos, links
Problemschach - German. By Udo Degener. Collections, awards, links…
Public Domain Chess Composition Books - 19th Century (mostly) chess problem books in PDF format
Ralf Kraetschmer - in German language, aimed at moremovers.
Robert F.A. Zwaal - Dutch professor of biochemistry, has a page with chess problems and curiosities
Retractor - Software for creating Retrograde Analysis chess problems
RetroCorner - A website devoted to chess problems involving retrograde analysis
rooff´s Chesspage - the webmaster, who is an educated chess trainer, presents a number of chess
    problems and exercises
Sack The King! - A chess problem a day, with special animated interface to display the solution
Schach - The section of a composition of German magazine conducts Udo Degener
Schachaufgaben von Peter Rösler - illustrates a number of remarkable concepts within the
    world of chess composition
Sergey Rumyantcev - Homepage of the known Omsk composer
Slovenska organizacia kompozicneho sachu - Site of the Slovak union composers
Solving Chess - Tracking the world of competitive chess problem solving
Stanislav Vokal's Home Page - Personal links, science, chess problem composition and solving and more
StrateGems - American xhess problems magazine. The official publication of The Good Companions
  Suomen Tehtavaniekat - Homepage of the Finish chess problem society. Problems, tourneys, awards
  The Babson Task - this problem won the first prize at Shakmatniy v SSSR 1983
The Chess Examiner - lists more than 1000 chess problems inclusive endgame studies and other things
The Good Companions - The Good Companions is the association of the problemists of the USA.
They publish  a magazine  called 'StrateGems'.
The Retrograde Analysis Corner - Retro problems and resources for retro enthusiasts
The Ural`s Problemist - Site of russian chess composer Andrey Selivanov
Thomas Maeder - Site of the Swiss composer and solvers Thomas Maeder
Torsten Linss - Almost all Torsten's published compositions, homepage of magazine Harmonie.
The Gorfo Cess Problem Pages - By Göran Forslund. Problems & links
Torsten Linß' Problem Chess Pages - Problems and articles from noted composer.
Valery Smirnov - Valery Smirnov's homepage
Vaclav Kotesovec chess problems & programs - Chess compositions, articles, programs and much more
Vincent's Chess Problems Page - Dozens of problems to pour over
Vito Rallo - Site of Italian composer Vito Rallo`s
Werner Speckmann - (1913 - 2001) - with the books, treatises etcetera about chess problems he left...