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Дата: 24.07.2013

«The Urals Problemist» - 20

Magazine «The Urals Problemist» organizes anniversary contest, devoted to the 20 anniversary of the journal.

– Twomovers. Judge: Vyacheslav Pilchenko.
Send by E-mail: pilchenkovk@yandex.ru
– Threemovers. Moremovers. Judge: Valery Kirillov.
Send by E-mail: konstantin.kirillov.79@yandex.ru
– Studies. Judge : Sergey Osintsev.
Send by E-mail: osintsev64@mail.ru
– Helpmates. Judge: Aleksey Ivunin.
Send by E-mail: ivunin@bk.ru
– Selfmates. Judge: Andrey Selivanov.
Send by E-mail: selivanovav@gmail.com

In all competitions is prizes, honorary and commendations. As a prize winners will receive jubilee medals «The Urals Problemist», and all participants receiving differences Certificates «The Urals Problemist» and books on chess composition from the Libraries of the journal.
Time of sending - 15.08.2013.

All participants will receive a special issue of the «The Urals Problemist» the results of the contest.

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