Peter Krug & Mario Garcia (Аustria-Argentina)  
Выигрыш 4+6

Themes: Domination - Elimination of the threat of stalemate


1.Rd6!! 1.Rxb6? hxg4 2.Nxg4 d6! 3.Rxd6 h5 4.Ne3 Rh1 5.Rd3 Rf1+! 6.Nxf1 Stalemate
1.Nxd7? Rb3/a3= (no 1...Rd3? 2.Ne5 Rd4+ 3.Ke3–+)
  1...hxg4 1...Rc3 2.gxh5 Rc6 3.Rxc6 dxc6 4.Kf5 c5 5.Kg6!+-   2.Nxg4 h5 3.Ne3 Rh2 3...Rh1 4.Rd3! Rh2 5.Nf5#   4.Nf5+ Kh3 5.Rd3 Kg2 6.Ne3 Kg17.Rd1 Kf2 8.Rf1+ Ke2 9.Kg3! Kxe3 10.Kxh2+-