Mario Garcia & Peter Krug (Аrgentina-Austria)  
ЧН, Ничья 6+5

Theme: Positional draw (1 to 7) by elimination of the threat of domination in the Black counterplay     1...g1N+!? aristocratic position with 11 pieces! 1...Rf4+ 2.Ke3 g1Q+ 2...Rxc4 3.Rg8+ Kc7 4.Rg7+ Kd8 5.Rd2+ Kc8 6.Rg8+ Kb7 7.Rb2+ Kc7 8.Rg7+ positional draw  (1) 3.Rxg1 Qxc2 4.Kxf4 Qh2+ 5.Rg3= positional draw (2) 1...g1Q aristocratic position 2.Be6+! Kd8 3.Nc6 Ke8 4.Re7+ Kf8 5.Rf7+ Ke8 6.Re7 positional draw (3) 1...Rxe5 e.g. 2.Bxe5 g1N+ 3.Kg4 Qxe5 4.Bb5+ Kb8 5.Rg8+ Ka7 6.Ra2+ Kb6 7.Raxa8=   2.Kxe4! 2.Rxg1? Qf4+ 3.Kg2 Rxc4 4.Nxc4 Qe4+ 5.Kf1 Qxc2 6.Nb6+ Kb7 7.Nxa8 Qxc3–+   2...Qxc2+ 3.Kd4 With two lines   A) 3… Nf3+ 4.Nxf3 Ra3 5.Rg8+! 5.Be6+? Kb8! (5...Kd8? 6.Rg8+ Ke7 7.Bb4+ Kxe6 8.Bxa3=) 6.Rg8+ Ka7–+    5...Kc7 6.Bd2! 6.Be1? Qb2+ 7.Ke4 Qb1+ 8.Kd4 Qb6–+   6...Qf5 6...Rxf3 7.Ba5+ Kd6 8.Bb4+ Kc6 9.Bd5+=   7.Be3 Qd7+ 8.Ke4 Qh7+ 9.Kd4 Qd7+ 10.Ke4 Ra4 10...Qe7+ 11.Ne5 Rxe3+ 12.Kxe3 Qxe5+ 13.Kd3/d2= positional draw  (4)   11.Bf4+ Kb7 12.Rb8+!= positional draw (5)    B) 3...Ne2+ 4.Kc5! 4.Bxe2? Qxe2 5.Rg8+ Kb7 6.Rxa8 Kxa8–+   4...Qxc3 5.Rg8+ Kb7 6.Rg7+ Kc8 7.Rg8+ Kc7 8.Rg7+ Kd8 9.Nc6+ Kc8 9...Ke8 10.Re7+ Kf8 11.Rf7+ Ke8 12.Re7= positional draw. (6)   10.Ne7+ Kd7 11.Nf5+ Kd8 12.Rg8+= positional draw  (7)