Peter Krug & Mario Garcia (Аustria-Argentina)  
Выигрыш 5+6

Theme: Elimination of the black counterplay to avoid stalemates and positional draw    culminating in mate   wKg6,Qb1,Nd5,h8,Bb2/bKg8,Qh2,Ng5,h3,Bc5,Pb3   1.Qf5! Try 1: 1.Nf6+ Kf8 2.Qf5 Nf4+ 3.Kxg5 Ne6+! (not 3...Nh3+ 4.Kh6 Be3+ 5.Kh7 Ng5+ 6.Kg6+-) 4.Kg6 Nf4+ 5.Kg5 Ne6+ 6.Qxe6 Be3+! 7.Qxe3 Qh6+! 8.Kxh6= stalemate   1...Nf4+ 2.Nxf4 Qh7+ 3.Kxg5 Be7+ 4.Kg4 Qh4+ 5.Kf3 Qh1+ 6.Ke2! (1) 6.Ke3? Bc5+ 7.Ke2 Qh2+ 8.Kf3 Qh1+ 9.Kg4 Qg1+ 10.Kh5 Qh2+ 11.Kg5 Be7+ 12.Kg4 Qh4+ 13.Kf3 Qh1+ 14.Ke2 It is a waste of time, compare with (1)   6...Qh2+ 7.Ke3! 7.Kd1? Qg1+ 8.Kd2 Bb4+ 9.Ke2 similar the indicated in (1) It is a waste of time   7...Qg1+ 8.Ke4! Qh1+ 9.Ke5 Qxh8+ 10.Ke6 Qh6+ 11.Ng6! Try 2: 11.Kxe7? Qd6+ 12.Kxd6= stalemate   11...Qh7 12.Kd7!! Try 3: 12.Nxe7+? Qxe7+ 13.Kxe7 stalemate or 12.Bd4? Ba3 13.Qf6 Qh3+ 14.Kd5 Qd7+! 15.Ke4 Qg4+ 16.Kd3 Qg3+ 17.Kc4 Qc7+ 18.Kxb3 Bd6= or 12.Bc1? b2 13.Bxb2 Bb4 14.Bc3 Ba3! 15.Qf6 Qh3+=   12...Bb4! 12...Ba3+ 13.Ke8 Qb7 14.Bxa3 Qa8+ 15.Kd7 Qa4+ 16.Kd8!.Qa8+ 17.Qc8 Qa3 18.Ne7+- 12...Bf6+ 13.Kc8 Qf7 14.Bxf6 b2 15.Ne7+ Kf8 16.Bxb2+-   13.Kc6! Try 4 : 13.Kc8? Qa7 14.Qd5+ Qf7 15.Qg5 Qe6+! (15...Qe8+? 16.Kc7!+- similar at solution) 16.Kb7 Qd7+!= positional draw   13...Qa7 14.Qd5+ Qf7 15.Qg5 Qe8+ 16.Kc7! 16.Kb7? Qd7+!=   16...Ba5+ 17.Kb7 Qd7+ 18.Ka6 Bd8 19.Ne7+ Kf7 20.Qg6+! 20.Qg7+ /f6? It is a waste of time   20...Kf8 20...Kxe7 21.Ba3+-   21.Bg7+ Kxe7 22.Qf6+ Ke8 23.Qf8#