Peter Krug & Mario Garcia (Аustria -Argentina)  
Выигрыш 5+6

Theme: The elimination of the threat of stalemate in the black counterplay. Subtopics: a) Mutual pinned in cross ; b) Domination of QBN vs QB   1.Ne4+! Try I: 1.Bc6+? d5 2.Nf5+ Kh1! 3.Qc1 Qg1+!   1...Kh1 2.Bf2 Try II : 2.Nf2+? Kh2 3.Qf4+ Kg2 4.Qxc4 d5+ 5.Bc6 Rc7 /a6 6.Qxd5+ Kf1=   2...Qb1 3.Kh6! Try III : 3.Qf5? Ra3! 4.Be3 Rxe3 5.Nf2+ Kg2 6.Qxb1 Rxe8 7.Ne4 Be2 8.Qc2 Rxe4! 9.Qxe4+ Bf3!=   3...Rh7+ main 3...Qa1 4.Nf6! d5 (4...Ra5 5.Qf4+-) 5.Qf4! (5.Bxa7? Qxa7 6.Qg3 Qd4=) 5...Ra3 6.Ng4! (6.Bc6? Kg2 7.Bd4 Qf1 8.Qd2+ Kh1 9.Nxd5 Qf8+ 10.Bg7 Qd6+ 11.Kh5 Qxc6 12.Qe1+ Kg2 13.Qe4+ Kh2 14.Be5+ Rg3!=) 6...Ra6+ (6...Qh8+ 7.Kg5 Qg7+ 8.Bg6+-) 7.Kh7! ( 7.Kh5? Qh8+ 8.Kg5 Qg7+ 9.Kh4 Qe7+=) Ra7+ 8.Bxa7 Qxa7+ 9.Bf7+-   4.Kxh7 Bd3! 4...Qxe4+ 5.Bg6 Qg2 6.Qe3/c1+-   5.Bc6 Bxe4+ 6.Qg6! Thematic Try : 6.Qf5? d5 7.Bxd5 Kh2 8.Bxe4 Qb7+ (no 8...Qxe4? 9.Bg3+!) 9.Bxb7 stalemate   6...d5 7.Bxd5 Kh2 8.Bg3+! Kg1 9.Bxe4+-