Beka Akhaladze (Грузия)  
Выигрыш 3+3

1.Kd6 Rh3 2.Re3 Kc8 3.Ke6 

[time of loss : 3.Ke7 Rh7+ 4.Ke6?! (4.Kf6? Kd7! 5.Rd3+ Ke8=) ] 

3...Kd8 4.Kf5 

[4.Rb3? Rh6+ 5.Kf7 Rh7+! = Draw!; 

4.Kf6? Kd7! = Draw! ] 

4...Rh8 5.Kxg4 Kd7 6.Kf5 Rf8+ 7.Kg6 Kd6 8.Rb3 (Ra3) 8...Rg8+ 9.Kf7 Rg4 

10.Kf6! Rg8 11.Rd3+ Kc5 12.Ke6 Kc4 13.Ra3! 

[13.Rf3? Kd4! 14.Kf5 Rf8+ 15.Kg4 Rg8+ 16.Kf5 Rf8+= Positional draw!] 

13...Kb4 14.Kf7 Rg4 15.Rf3 Kc5 16.Kf6! 

[16.Ke6 Rg8!]


[16...Rg8 17.Rf5+ Kd6 18.Rg5+-] 


[Thematic try :17.Re3!? Kd4 18.Rb3 Ke4 19.Ra3 Rg8= Positional draw!] 

17...Rg8 18.Rd3+ Kc4 19.Ra3! Kb4 20.Rf3 Rf8+ 21.Kg4 Rg8+ 22.Kh5 Kc5 

23.g4 Rh8+ 24.Kg5 (Kg6)24...Rg8+ 25.Kf5! 

[25.Kh4 Rh8+ 26.Kg3? Kd6 27.Re3 Rg8! 28.Re2 Kd5 29.Re1 Kd6=

 Positional draw!] 

25...Kd6 26.Rd3+ Ke7 27.g5 Rc8 28.Kg6! Kf8 29.Kh7! Rc7+ 30.Kh8! Kf7 31.Rd6 Rc8+ 32.Kh7+- 

Culminating moments and full of surprises rook endgame !