Melanie Lubbe & Martin Minski (Германия)  
Выигрыш 4+3


[1.f4? Rh8/Kb1/a5=;

1.h7?? Rh8–+]


2.g5 Rh8 the most stubborn defense

[2...a4 3.h7 Rh8 4.g6+-]

3.Kh5 the "right" direction of the white king

3...a4 4.g6 a3 5.g7 Rg8

6.Kh4!! suddenly the "wrong" direction,

but this is the only way to win because Black doesn't have a good move

[6.h7? Rxg7 7.h8Q Rb7 8.f4

(8.Qc3 Rb3 9.Qc2+ Rb2 10.Qc4+ Rb3 11.f4 Kb2 12.Qe2+ Kb1 13.Qd1+ Kb2 14.f5 a2=) 8...Rb3! 9.Qg8 (9.f5?? Rh3+!–+ skewer)

9...Kb2 10.Qg2+ Kb1 11.Qf1+ Kb2 12.Qe2+ Kb1 13.Qd1+ Kb2 14.f5 a2 15.f6 a1Q=;

6.f4? Kb1 7.h7 Rxg7 8.h8Q Rg2! 9.Qc3

(9.Qh7+ Rc2 10.Qb7+ Kc1 11.Qh1+ Kb2 12.Qb7+ Kc1 13.Qb3 a2=)

9...a2 10.Qd3+ Rc2 11.Qd1+ Kb2=]

6...Kb1 7.h7 Rxg7 8.h8Q Rb7 9.Qc3! a2

[9...Ka2 10.f4+-;

9...Rb3? is not possible 10.Qxb3++-]

10.Qd3+ Kb2 11.Qe2+ Kb1

[11...Ka3 12.Qa6++- fork;

11...Kb3 12.Qf3++- fork]

12.Qe4+ fork

12...Ka1! the last trap


[13.Qxb7? stalemate]


[13...Rb4 14.Qe1+ (14.Qxb4? stalemate) 14...Kb2 15.Qxb4++-]

14.Qc2! Rh3+ 15.Kg5/Kg4+- [15.Kxh3? stalemate]