Iuri Akobia (Грузия)  
Win 3+6

1.Nd4? Kf2 2.Ra2+ Kg3 3.Nf5+ Kg4 4.Nxg7 h3 5.Kd4 Nf6=]
1...Ke2 2.Rh5 Nh6 3.Ke4 Kf2 4.Rxh4+–;
1...Kf1 2.Ke3 Kg2 3.Rg5++–
2.Rf5+ Kg3
2...Kg2 3.Rxf7 g5 4.Rg7 h3 5.Rxg5+
3.Rxf7 Nh6 4.Rxg7+
4.Rxd7? h3=
4...Ng4 center of the study! 5.Nd2!
Thematic try 5.Nc5? - the refutation is the control establishment over a square f4 - 5...d5!!   (not 5...h3? 6.Ne4+ main line) 6.Kxd5 (6.Nd3 h3 7.Ne5 h2 8.Rxg4+ Kh3 9.Rg8 h1Q 10.Rh8+ Kg2=) 6...h3 7.Ne4+ Kf3 8.Rf7+ (8.Ng5+ Kg3 9.Nxh3 Kxh3=) 8...Kg2 9.Rf4 Ne3+      (important check! See the final of the main line) 10.Ke5 h2 11.Rf2+ Kg1=
5...h3 6.Ne4+
6.Nf1+? Kf2 (Kf3)=
6...Kf3 7.Rf7+ Kg2 8.Rf4!+– no check 8...Ne3+ as in the thematic try