Тест Тестовый (Algeria)  
Win 4+3


1.Nxd6? Nxg5=

1...Nf8 2.g7 Nxb5+ 3.Kb6!

Thematic try 3.Ka6!? Ne6 4.g8Q Nbxd4 5.Qg4 (5.Qg3 Ke2! 6.Ka5 Nf3 7.Qg2+ Ke3) 5...Kf2! (not 5...Ke1? 6.Ka5! Kd2 7.Qg3! and as in the main thematic line) 6.Qe4 (compare with same move in the line - 5...Kf2) 6...Nc5+=

3...Ne6 4.g8Q Nbxd4 5.Qg4!

5.Qg3!? Ke2 6.Ka5 Nf3 7.Qg2+ Ke3] 5...Ke1 [5...Kf2 6.Qe4 and wins because impossible Nc5+ as in the thematic try 3.Ka6!? 6...Kf1 7.Ka5 Kf2 8.Kb4 Kf1 9.Kc4+-

6.Ka5! Kd2 7.Qg3! Nc5

7...Ne2 8.Qd6+ N6d4 (8...N2d4 9.Kb4+-) 9.Kb4+-;

7...Ke2 play leads to the main line: 8.Qd6 Kd3 9.Kb4 Ng5 10.Qg6+ Ne4 11.Qa6+ Ke3 12.Qa7 Kd3 13.Qa3+ see the main line

8.Kb4 Ne4 9.Qf4+ Kd3 10.Qf1+ Ke3 11.Qc1+ Kd3 12.Qa3+ Ke2 13.Kc4+- (Authors)