Тест Тестовый (Algeria)  
Win 4+3

Try 1.Nc7? Rb4+ 2.Ka5 Rg4!

a) 2...Rb1? 3.Sb5+ Kc4 4.Bf7+ Kd3 5.Bg6+ Ke2 6.Sc3+ fork;

b) 2...Re4? 3.Sb5+ Kd3 (3...Kb3 4.Bf7++-) 4.Bg6+- Pin;

c) 2...Rh4? 3.Sb5+ Kc4 4.Bf7+ Kd3 5.Bg6+ (that is why Black had moved 2...Rg4!) 5...Ke2 6.Nc3++-; 3.Sd5+ Kb3=

1.Nf4! and with branches:

A) - 1...Rb4+ 2.Ka3 Rb8!

2...Rb1 3.Ne2+ Kd3 4.Bh5 Ra1+ 5.Kb2 Rb1+ 6.Ka2 Rb5 7.Ng3 loss of time - see main line B - 6.Sg3!

3.Bc6! Rb3+ 4.Ka2 Rb1 5.Ne2+ Kd3 6.Bf3 Rb5 7.Ng3!

7.Bh6? Rb6! 8.Bg5 Ra6+ 9.Kb2 Rb6+ 10.Ka3 Ra6+ 11.Kb4 Rb6+ 12.Kc5 Rb1 13.Bh5 Rb8 and White has no chance for a win;

7...Kc3 8.Ne4+ Kd3 (or also 8...Kd4 9.Bg2! Re5 10.Nd2 Kc3 11.Nb3+-) 9.Be2+ Kxe2 10.Nc3++- fork–1;


B) - 1...Rb1 2.Ne2+ Kd3

2...Kc4 3.Ka3/Bf7+ Kd3 4.Bh5 Ra1+ 5.Kb2 Rb1+ 6.Ka2 Rb5 7.Ng3 Kc3 8.Ne4+ Kd4 9.Bg6 Rb6 10.Bh7 Rb7 11.Bb2+ Ke3 12.Bf5 Rc7  13.Bc1++-

3.Bh5 Ra1+

3...Kc4 4.Ka3 Kd3 etc, wins as in line 2...Kc4;


4.Kb4? Rb1+ 5.Ka3 Ra1+ 6.Kb3 Rb1+ 7.Ka2 loss of time

4...Rb1+ 5.Ka2! Rb5!

5...Rb7 6.Bf3! (6.Bg5? Ra7+ 7.Kb3 Rb7+ 8.Ka4 Ra7+ 9.Kb5 Rb7+=) 6...Rb5 (6...Rb1 7.Bg5 Rb5 8.Nc1+ Kc3 9.Bf6++-) 7.Ng3+- see the main line A;


6.Nf4+? Kc3 7.Ne2+ Kd3 8.Ng3 loss of time

B1) - 6...Kc3 7.Ne4+! Kd4 8.Bg6!

8.Ng3? Kc3 9.Ne4+ Kd4 10.Bg6 loss of time;

8.Bf3? Rb1=

8...Rb6 9.Bh7!

Try 9.Bf5!? Rb1 10.Nd2 Rxc1 11.Nb3+ Ke5=

9...Rb7 10.Bb2+! Kd3 11.Nc5+ fork-2 with win, or possible other variant too:  10…Ke3 11.Bf5!

Try 11.Bg6? Rb6! 12.Bf5 Ke2! (not 12…Kf4 13.Bh7! Rc6 14.Bc1+ wins) 13.Nc3+ Kd2=

11...Kf4 12.Bg6! Ra7+ 13.Kb3 Rb7+ 14.Kxc2 wins;

B2) - 6...Ra5+ 7.Kb3 /Kb2 7...Rb5+ 8.Ka3!

8.Ka2? Ra5+ 9.Kb2 Rb5+ 10.Ka3 loss of time;

8...Kc3 9.Ne2+!

try 9.Ne4+!? Kd4! 10.Bg6 Rb6 11.Bh7 Rb7 12.Nf6 Kc3 13.Ne4+ Kd4 positional draw;

9...Kd3 10.Bf3! and with:


10...Ra5+ 11.Kb4 /Kb3 11...Rb5+ 12.Ka4!!

12.Kxb5? Model stalemate;

12...Rb4+ 13.Ka3! Rb3+ 14.Ka2! Rb5! 15.Ng3! Kc3 16.Ne4+! Kd3 and same final as in line A: (or also 16...Kd4 17.Bg2! Re5 18.Nd2 Kc3 19.Nb3+-) 17.Be2+ Kxe2 18.Nc3++- fork.-3, or other variant:

10...Re5 11.Nf4+ Kc3 12.Bc6! 12...Re1

12...Ra5+ 13.Ba4 13...Rf5 14.Ne2+ Kd3 15.Ng3 Rf3 16.Nh5 Rf5 17.Ng7 Rf7 18.Ne6 Kc3 19.Nc5 +-;

13.Nd5+ Kd4 14.Kb2! Re6 15.Bb7!

15.Ba8? Re8 16.Bc6 Re6 17.Bb7 loss of time

15...Rd6 16.Be3+! Ke4 17.Nb6+! Kxe3 18.Nc4++- fork-4.