Тест Тестовый (Algeria)  
Draw 3+4

It is obvious, that the white rook should leave from c7. Besides, it is necessary to prevent advancement of a dangerous pawn e3. At first sight it is necessary to play Re7. But as it is possible to see, it - only try:

try 1.Re7!?Kd8! 2.Re4 Bd7 3.Kc1 Kc7! 4.Rf4 (4.d5 Kd6-+) 4...Sf2! 5.Rf3 Sd3+! 6.Kd1 Bg4! 7.Ke2 Se1!! 8.Kxe3 Sxf3 9.Kf4 Bh5-+ 


1...Kc7 2.Kc1 Bc6 3.Rc2 Kd6 4.Rc5 Sf6 5.Re5 Sd5 6.Kd1= 

1...Bd1! 2.Rb6! (or also 2...e2 3.Re6 Kd7 4.d5! Sh2 5.Kb2 Sf3 6.Kc3 e1Q+ 7.Rxe1 Sxe1 8.Kd2= ) 2…Kc7  3.Re6 

3.Ra6? Bb3 4.d5 e2 5.Re6 Bc4-+ 

3...Kd7 4.d5 Bf3 5.Kc2! 

try 5.Kc1!? Bxd5 6.Rg6 (6.Ra6 Bc4 7.Rg6 e2-+) 6...Bf3 7.Kc2 Be4+-+ 

5...Bxd5 6.Ra6! Sf2 7.Ra1! Ke6 8.Re1 Be4+ 9.Kc3 Ke5 10.Rxe3 Sd1+ 11.Kd2=