Peter Krug & Mario Garcia (Аustria-Argentina)  
Draw 7+4

Theme: elimination of the threat of mate in the corner of the board in the black counterplay   1.Qh4+! 1.Qg4? Qb1–+   1...Kf8 1...Kd7 2.Qa4+= jaques continuos   2.Ng6+ Kf7 3.Nh8+! Try : 3.Qg4? Rc8! (no 3...Qh3? 4.Qg1 Rc8 5.Qf2+ Ke8 6.Qf6 Rc7+ 7.Kg8 Qb3 8.e4 Nf8+ 9.e6 Qxe6+ 10.Qxe6+ Nxe6 11.e5=) 4.Nh8+ (4.h4 Rc7 5.Kh8 Qf2 6.Qh5 Rc8+ 7.Kh7 Nf8+–+) 4...Ke7 5.Qb4+ (5.Qh4+ Kd7 6.Qf6 Rf8 7.Qxf1 Rxf1–+) 5...Rc5 6.Qh4+ Kd7 7.Qf6 Qxf6 8.exf6 Rg5–+   3...Rxh8+ 4.Kxh8 Qf4 4...Qf5 5.Qg3!=   5.Qh5+! 5.Qxf4+? Nxf4 6.h4 Ng6+ 7.Kh7 Nxe5–+ Lead to mate; 5.Qf6+? Qxf6+ 6.exf6 Ng5–+ Lead to mate;   5...Ke7 6.h4! 6.Kh7? Qf7+ 7.Qxf7+ Kxf7 8.Kh8 Nf8 9.e3 Ng6+ 10.Kh7 Nxe5 Lead to mate   6...Qf8+ 7.Kh7 Qf7+ 8.Qxf7+ Kxf7 9.Kh8! Nf8 10.h5! 10.e4? Ng6+ 11.Kh7 Nxe5 Lead to mate;   10...Ne6 11.e4 11.Kh7? Ng5+ 12.Kh8 Kf8 13.e4 Nf7-+   11...Kf8 12.Kh7= positional draw