Vladimir Kuzmichev (Россия)  
Win 3+2

1.c8Q? Qg3+/Qe4+/Qg1+/Qb6+ elternal cheks  = =


1.Rh2+? Kh1!! 2.c8Q Qg3+! 3.Kf6 Qh4+! 4.Ke5 Qg3+!

5.Kd4(e4) Qg4+!! 6.Q*g4 – stalemate

3.Kf7 Qf4+!! = =

(2.Rh1+ Kh2(g2) 3.c8Q Qg3+! 4.Kf6 Qh4+!

5.Kd4 Qg4+ 6.Q*g4 - stalemate

3.Rh2 Kh1!! = = )


1.Rh7+! Kg3!

2.c8Q? Qb6! 3.Kg5 Qe3! 3.Kf5 Qf2! 4.Ke6 Qe3!

5.Kf6 Qd4! = =

3.Kf7(h7) Qa7!! 4.Kg8 Qa2+! (4.Ke8/Ke6 5.Qe3! = =)

5.Kf8 Qa3+! 6.Ke8 Qe3+!  =  =

(for example, 7.Kd8 Qd4 8.Kc7 Qc3 9.Kb8 Qb2! = =)

3.Kh5 Qb5(a5)+!  = =

White can't hide from the eternal checks!


2.Rg8!!! – a fantastic move, white gave the black king a further three (!) free field, and don’t put the new Queen and Rook hiding in ambush after retiring from the active line!

2…. Qe6+ 3.Kg7!!

3.Kh7+? Kh4!! 4.c8Q Qh6!! 5.K*h6 – stalemate


3… Qe7+ 4.Kh8+!!

4.Kh6+? Kh4!! 5.c8Q Qg5+!! 6.R*g5 – stalemate

6.Kh7 Qh6+!! 7.K*h6 – stalemate


4… Kf3 5.c8Q! Qh4+ 6.Kg7 – win

(for example, 6…. Qg5+ 7.Kf7 Qf4+ 8.Ke6 Qe4+

9.Kd6 Qd4+ 10.Qc6 Qc4+ 11.Kb6 Qb4+ 12.Ka7 Qd4+ 13.Kb8 Qe5+ 14.Qc7 Qb4 15.Qb7+  

to 4... Kf2 the plan changing with the eighth move

8.Kg6 Qd6+ 9.Kh5 Qd5 10.Rg5 Qf7 11.Kh6 Qf6+ 12.Rg6 Qf4 13.Kg7 Qd4+ 14.Rf6+)