Ľuboš Kekely & Michal Hlinka (Словакия)  
Win 5+4

1.Nf5+ Qxf5 2.Rh2+! refusal of capture of queen [2.Rxf5? Rxb8 3.Rf8 Rc7=] 2...Qh3 3.Rxh3+ [3.g8Q? Ra1+=] 3...Kxh3 4.g8Q Ra1+ 5.Kb3 white king runs to oposite corner 5...Rab1+ 6.Ka4 Ra1+ 7.Kb5 Rab1+ 8.Ka6 Ra1+ 9.Kb7 Rab1+ 10.Ka8 Ra1+ 11.Ba7 after systematic movement checks exhaust 11...Rcb1 now only queen can move 12.Qg5 tempo 12...Kh2 13.Qg4 tempo and wins (EGTB) cause prison for white king and bishop ends. For example 13.- Re1 (13.- Kh1 14.Qh3 mate) 14. Qh4+ Kg2 15.Kb7 Rab1+ 16.Kc6 Rbc1+ 17.Bc5 Red1 18.Qg4+ +-