Michal Hlinka & Ľuboš Kekely (Словакия)  
Draw 4+5

1.Rb1+ d1Q+ 2.Rxd1+ Bxd1+ 3.Kb4! [3.Ka3? Kg2 4.Rd8 Bf3 5.Kb3 Kg3 6.Rc8 Nd5! 7.Rc5 Nf4! 8.Ka2 Bb2! 9.Rg5+ Kh4 10.Rc5 Bg4 11.Rc7 Bc1–+] a) 3...Kg2 [3...Kg1 4.Rf5 Bb2 5.Ra5=] 4.Rd8 [4.Rf5? Bb2–+] 4...Be2 [4...Bg4 5.Rd2+ Kf3 6.Ra2=] 5.Rd2 [5.Kb3? Bg4 6.Rd2+ Kf1 7.Rh2 Kg1 8.Rd2 Nb5 9.c4 Nd4+ 10.Kb4 Bf3 11.c5 Nc6+ 12.Kc4 Bf6–+] 5...Kf3 [5...Kf1 6.Ra2 Na6+ 7.Kb3 Nc5+ 8.Kc2 Bd3+ 9.Kd2 Bb1 10.Ra8! Bb2 (10...Nb3+ 11.Kd1 Bxc3 12.Ra3=) 11.Rb8 Ne4+ 12.Kd1 Nxc3+ 13.Kd2 Ba1 14.Rb3=] 6.Kb3 Ne6 [6...Nb5 7.Ra2 Bxc3 8.Rxe2 Kxe2 9.Kc4=] 7.Kc2! [7.Ra2? Nc5+ 8.Kc2 Bd3+ 9.Kd2 Bb1 10.Ra8 Nb3+ 11.Kd1 Ke3–+] 7...Kf2 [7...Nf4 8.Rd8=] 8.Rd7! [8.Rd5? Ke1 9.Ra5 Bd1+ 10.Kd3 Nf4+ 11.Kc4 Bb2–+] 8...Ke1 [8...Nc5 9.Rc7 Ne4 10.Ra7 Bxc3 11.Re7=] 9.Rd5! [9.Re7? Bg4 10.Ra7 Bd1+ 11.Kd3 Bb2–+] 9...Nf4 [9...Nc7 10.Ra5 Bd1+ 11.Kb1 Bxc3 12.Rc5=] 10.Re5! draw, for example 10.- Kf2 11.Ra5 =, b) 3...Nd5+ 4.Kc4 Nxc3 [4...Nb6+ 5.Kd3 Kg2 6.Rb8 Nd5 7.Rb1 Be2+ 8.Kd4=] 5.Ra8 Bb2 6.Rd8! tempo [6.Rb8? Na4!–+ ] 6...Ba1 7.Ra8 Bb2 8.Rd8 Ba4 [8...Kg1 9.Rb8 Ba1 10.Ra8=] 9.Kb4 [9.Ra8? Bc6! 10.Rc8 Bd5+–+, 9.Rd2? Nd1–+] 9...Bc2 10.Rd2 draw, for example 10.- Bf5 11.Rxb2 =. 

Meredith. Precise manoeuvres of white rook. Material disadvantage is dynamically balanced by blocked black bishop in the corner. More various draws.