Iuri Akobia (Georgia)
Win 4+3

1.Nf4 and with branches: 1...Rb4+ [ 1...Rb1 main 2.Ne2+ Kd3 3.Bh5 Ra1+ 4.Kb3 Rb1+ 5.Ka2 Rb5 6.Ng3 Kc3
( 6...Ra5+ main B2 7.Kb3 (b2) 7...Rb5+ 8.Ka3 Kc3 9.Ne2+ Kd3 10.Bf3 Ra5+ ( 10...Re5 main 11.Nf4+ Kc3
12.Bc6 Re1 13.Nd5+ Kd4 14.Kb2 Re6 15.Bb7 Rd6 16.Be3+ Ke4 17.Nb6+ Kxe3 18.Nc4++-) 11.Kb4 (b3)
11...Rb5+ 12.Ka4! Rb4+ 13.Ka3 Rb3+ 14.Ka2 Rb5 15.Ng3 Kc3 16.Ne4+ Kd3 17.Be2+; 7.Ne4+ Kd4 8.Bg6
Rb6 9.Bh7 Rb7 10.Bb2+ Kd3 ( 10...Ke3 11.Bf5 Kf4 12.Bg6 Ra7+ 13.Kb3 Rb7+ 14.Kxc2) 11.Nc5++-]
2.Ka3 Rb8 3.Bc6 Rb3+ 4.Ka2 Rb1 5.Ne2+ Kd3 6.Bf3 Rb5 7.Ng3 Kc3 8.Ne4+ Kd3 9.Be2+ Kxe2 10.Nc3+

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