Peter Krug & Mario Garcia (Аustria-Argentina)  
Выигрыш 9+6

Theme: Elimination of the threat of stalemate in the counterplay of black   1.d4! 1.g6+? Kh8 2.Ba5 Nf8=   1...Qxc2 2.g6+ Kh8 3.Ba5 e1Q 4.Bxe1 4.Nd6+? Nd8+! 5.Bxe1 Qc7+=   4...Nf8! main1 : 4...Qe4 5.Nc7+ Nf8+ 6.Kd6! (6.Kxf8 Qxa8+ 7.Nxa8 stalemate) 6...Qxd4+ 7.Nd5!+-   5.Rd8! 5.Nd6? Qc7+ 6.Kxf8 Qd8+ 7.Rxd8 stalemate   5...Qe4+ 5...Qe2+ 6.Kxf8 Qf2+ 7.Ke7 (7.Nf6? Qxf6+ 8.Ke8 Qe6+=) 7...Qxe1+ (7...Qe2+ 8.Kd7 Qb5+ 9.Kc7 Qc4+ 10.Kb6 Qb3+ 11.Ka5 Qa3+ 12.Kb5 Qd3+ 13.Kb4+-; or 7...Qf8+ 8.Kd7+-) 8.Kd7+-   6.Kxf8 Qxd4 7.Bh4! 7.Nxg7? Qxd8+ 8.Ne8 Qf6+ 9.Nxf6 stalemate 7.Bc3? Qd6+! 8.Kf7 Qd7+ 9.Rxd7 stalemate   7...Qd6+ main 2 : 7...Qxh4 8.a8Q Qxd8 9.Qe4! Qd5 10.Qh4! Qe6 11.Qd8 Qd5 12.Qc7 Qd7 13.Qe5 Qf5+ 14.Qf6 Qf3 15.Qf7 Qa3+ (or by another route 15...Qf4 16.Nf6 Qb4+ 17.Qe7 Qb8+ 18.Qe8+-) 16.Qe7 Qf3+ 17.Nf6 Qa8+ 18.Qe8 Qxe8+ 19.Kxe8 (19.Nxe8? stalemate) 19...gxf6 20.Kf8/f7+-    8.Be7! Qxd8 9.Bf6!+-wins    [9.Bxd8? stalemate]