Peter Krug & Mario Garcia (Аustria-Argentina)  
Win 6+8

Themes: a) Ending that culminating in matte and b) ending of rook and knight against knight and pawns   1.Nb6+! Try : 1.Re4? Nb4+ 2.Rxb4 Nxd3 3.Rb1 Nb4+ 4.Kc5 Nd3+ 5.Kc6 Nb4+= positional draw   1...cxb6 2.Rc4! Try : 2.Re4? Nb4+ 3.Kxb6 Nd5+ 4.Nxd5 d1Q 5.Re8+ Kd7 6.Nf6+ Kd6 7.Ne4+ Kd7= positional draw   2...axb5 2...Nc3 e.g. 3.Be2 Nxe2 (3...h2 4.Rh4+-) 4.Kxb6+ Kd8 5.Re4 d1Q 6.Re8#   3.Re4 Nb4+ 4.Kxb6 Nd5+ 5.Nxd5 d1Q main 5...Nxd3 6.Rd4 d1Q 7.Ne7+ Kb8 8.Rd8#   6.Re8+! Try (a) : 6.Ne7+? Kd8! (Not 6...Kd7 ? 7.Bxb5+ Kd6 8.Nc8+ Kd5 9.Bc6#) 7.Nc6+ Kd7 8.Rd4+ Ke6 9.Bc4+ bxc4 10.Rxd1 Ng2 /d3=   6...Kd7 7.Nf6+ Kd6 8.Ne4+ Kd5 main 8...Kd7 9.Bxb5#   9.Nc3+ Kd4 10.Nxd1 Nxd3 11.Rd8+ ! Try (b) : 11.Rh8? Nf4! 12.Nf2 g5 (12...b4? 13.Nxh3 Nd3 14.Ng1 b3 15.Kb5+-) 13.Kxb5 Ke3!=  or 11.Kxb5? g5 12.Rg8 Nf4 13.Rxg5 h2 14.Nf2 Nh3 15.Rg4+ Ke3 16.Nh1 Nf2 17.Rg3+ Kf4 18.Rg2 Nxh1 19.Rxh2 Ng3=   11...Ke4 11...Kc4 12.Ne3+ Kc3 13.Kxb5+-   12.Rh8 Nf4 13.Nf2+ Kf3 14.Nxh3 Nxh3 15.Rxh3+-