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#8 5+6

If black King will be on e5 a general plan 1.Rd4 – 2.Rd5# will be OK. So, in first black King must be deflected on e5 and, in second, white Knight must be stands on f6 for attack a field d5.

1.Rg4+! Kf5! (1…Kh5? 2.Kxf6 Se2 3.Rg2 Kh4 4.Kg6 Sf4+ 5.ef4 – 6.Rg4#, 1…Kh6? 2.Se4 Kh5 3.Sxf6+)

2.Rf4+ Kg5 3.Se4+ Kh5

4.Sxf6+ (WS on f6)

4... Kg5 5.Rg4+ (Switchback) 

Kf5 6.Rh4! (>7.Rh5#)

5... Ke5. Black King stands on e5 and general plan is working:

7.Rd4! Kf5 8.Rd5# model.

2…Ke5 3.Rd4! bc4 4.Sg4+ Kf5 5.Rf4+ Kg5 6.Sh2!, and

7.Sf3+ Kh6 8.Rh4# model,

7…Kh5 8.Rh4# model – nice 2nd variant.

This is a hybrid between Bohemian and New German styles.


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