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#9 4+3

Main plane - Ra7- a1- g1-g5# does not pass at once because of protection - 1. Ra1? Ke5 2. Rg1 Be4 3. Rg5+ Bf5!.
Preliminary game it is necessary to deprive black with king of access to a field  „e5‟, having caused its blocking blacka pawn.
But early at once 1. Ra5+?, as. except for 1. … e5?, is still and 1. … Bd5!
Therefore, in the beginning it is necessary to deprive black with the elephant of access to a field „d5‟, by its derivation 

1. Ra1! (2. Rg1 ~ 3. Rg5#)  Ke5 The best. At 1. ...Be4? probably and 2.Rg1 and 2.Rd1 
2. Rg1 (2. Rg5#)  Be4
3. Rg4 (4. R:e4+) Bd3! (The best. at 3. ... probably and 4.Ra4 and 4.Rc4 Bishop is compelled to leave from a vertical „a8-h1‟,  losing access to a field  „d5‟.
4. Ra4 (5. Ra5+)  Kf5 – it is necessary to prepare for protection by a pawn
5. Ra5+  e5  and now passes the main plan  - 
6. Ra1 (Return)  Bf1
7. R:f1+  Kg6
8. Rg1+ (Return)  Kf5
9. Rg5# 

The problem contains still 1,25 rundlauf  white rook.
Except for the main plan, the problem has 2 preliminary plans interfering hit of the black Bishop and black King on fields „d5‟ and „e5‟ accordingly.