Ralf Krätschmer (Germany)  
#15 11+11

1. Lc5+? Ke5 2. Ld4+ Kxd4!/Kd6! (2...Kf4/5? 3.Tf6#)
without wPe6 : 1. Lc5+ Ke5 2. Ld4+ Kxd4 3. Td6+ Ke54. Sc4+ Kf4/5 5.Tf6#) 
If the white Rook stands on f6 and the square f5 is guarded then 
1. Lc5+? Ke5 2. Tf5+ Kxe6 and the wPe6 is captured 
First step bring the Rook to f6 
1. Tf6! Sg6 
second step a guard for f5 
2. Lc5+ Ke5 3. Sc4+ Kd5 4. Sxe3+ Ke5 
third step black king must capture wPe6 
5. Tf5+ Kxe6 6. Tf6+ Ke5 7. Sc4+ Kd5 8. Sb6+ Ke5 9. Ld6+ Kd4 
the wPe6 is missing but also the bPe3 is missing soa block is needed 
10. e3+ Txe3 
and at last the main play 
11. Lc5+ Ke5 12. Ld4+ Kxd4 13. Td6+ Ke5 14. Sc4+ Kf4/5 15. Tf6# 
The first move is also the last one