Wilfried Neef (Germany)  
#10 6+7


1... Kd4-e4 2.Sb2-d1 Ke4-d4 3.Le2-b5 Kd4-e4 4.Lb5-e2 Ke4-d4 5.Sd1-c3 Bb6-b5 
6.Sc3-b5 Kd4-e4 7.Kd6-c5 Bb7-b6 8.Kc5-c4 Bd7-d6 9.Sb5-c3/Sb5-d6#

1.Sb2-d1 Kd4-e4 2.Sd1-c3 Ke4-d4 3.Sc3-b5 Kd4-e4 4.Sb5-c3 Ke4-d4 5.Le2-f1 Bb6-b5 6.Lf1-b5 Bb7-b6 7.Lb5-e2 Bb6-b5 8.Sc3-b5 Kd4-e4 9.Kd6-c5 Bd7-d6 10.Sb5-d6#

Exchange capture on 3. and white move between set and play