Michael Pasman (Israel)  
Ничья 7+7

1.Bc5+! Try : 1.g5? and Black wins after long and forced variation : 1...fxg5 2.Bc5+ Qb6! 3.Bxb6+ Kxb6 4.Bf3 Ba7! 5.Kxa4 Kc5 6.Bh1 Bb6! 7.Kb3 Kd4 8.Kc2 Ke3 9.Kc3 Kf2 10.Kc4 g2 11.Bxg2 Kxg2 12.Kd5 Bd4 13.Kc6 e4 14.b6 (14.Kd5 Bf2! 15.Kc6! e3 16.a7 e2 17.a8Q e1Q 18.Kd7+ Kxh3–+) 14...e3 15.a7 (15.b7 Ba7–+) 15...e2 16.a8Q e1Q 17.Kd7+ (17.b7 Qe6+ 18.Kb5 Qb3+ 19.Kc6 Be5–+) 17...Kxh3 18.b7 Be5 19.b8Q Bxb8 20.Qxb8 Qd1+ 21.Ke7 g4–+   1...Ka8 2.g5!! Sacrificing the bishop, black queen is shifted to worse position 2.b6 Qd2–+   2...Qxh5 2...Qxg5? 3.Bf3+-   3.b6! Bc7! 3...Qh4+ 4.Kb5! Bc7= The same   4.bxc7 Qh4+ 4...Qxh3 5.gxf6   5.Kb5! 5.Ka5? Qxh3 6.gxf6 Qc8–+   5...Qxh3 6.gxf6! 6.g6 Qd7+ 7.Kb6 g2–+   6...Qd7+ 7.Kb6! Qe6+ 8.Kb5! Qd7+ There is no better place for queen to give a check and in the same time to keep eye on White pawns   9.Kb6 Qc8 10.f7 g2 11.Kb5!! Now quiet move to hide from check Try : 11.Kc6? Qxa6+ 12.Kd7 Qd3+ 13.Ke8 (13.Ke7 Qf5) 13...Qf5 14.f8Q Qc8+! 15.Ke7 Qxf8+ 16.Kxf8 Kb7–+ or 11.f8Q? Qxf8 12.Bxf8 g1Q–+   11...g1Q 12.Bxg1 a3 13.Bc5! Qxc7 14.f8Q+ Qb8+ 15.Qxb8+ Kxb8=