Richard Becker (USA)  
Выигрыш 3+4

<p><strong><font color="#008000" face="Verdana" size="2">1.Ra8 [ 1.Ra7? h5 2.a4 Nf3 (Ne2) -+] 1...h5 2.a4 Kb4 3.a5 Kb5 4.a6 Kb6 5.Rb8+! [ 5.a7? Kb7 6.Rb8+ Kxa7 7.Rb1 Ka6 zz 8.Kh7 Ka5 zz 9.Kh6 ( 9.Kg6 Rh4 10.Rxg1 Rg4+ -+) 9...Ka4 zz 10.Kh7 ( 10.Rf1 Kb3 etc.) 10...Ka3 11.Kh6 Ka2 12.Rf1 Kb3 13.Rf5 h4 14.Rf1 Kc3 15.Kh5 Kd3 <br /> 16.Kg4 Ke2 17.Ra1 Kf2 18.Ra2+ Ne2 19.Ra3 Nd4 20.Ra2+ Ke3 21.Ra3+ Kd2 22.Ra2+ Nc2 -+] 5...Ka7 6.Rb7+! [ 6.Rb1? Kxa6 etc.] 6...Kxa6 7.Rb1 zz 7...Ka5 8.Kh7 zz 8...Ka4 9.Kh6 zz 9...Ka3 10.Rb5 h4 11.Rb1 Ka2 12.Rf1 Kb3 13.Kh5 Kc3 14.Rf4 h3 15.Rf2 Kd3 <br /> 16.Kg4 Ke3 17.Rb2! zz [ 17.Ra2? Nf3 18.Ra3+ Ke2 19.Ra2+ Nd2 zz 20.Kh4 ( 20.Rb2 Ke3 -+;  20.Kg3 Ke3 21.Ra3+ Kd4 22.Ra4+ Kc3 23.Ra3+ Kb4 -+) <br /> 20...Ke3 21.Ra3+ Kf4 22.Ra4+ Ne4 23.Ra3 Nf2 24.Ra4+ Kf3 25.Ra3+ Kg2 -+] 17...Nf3 18.Rb3+ Ke4 19.Rb4+ Ke3 [ 19...Nd4 20.Ra4! zz 20...Ke3 21.Ra3+ =] <br /> 20.Rb3+ Ke2 21.Rb2+ Nd2 22.Ra2! zz 22...Ke3 23.Ra3+ = </font></strong><strong><font color="#008000" face="Verdana" size="2">Long distance tempo struggle. Twice the wR makes extra moves to place Black in zugzwang. <font color="#ff0000">(Autor)</font></font></strong></p>